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Online Team Building For Remote Teams

Bring the Zest back to your Zoom meetings with a little help from Team Days.

We know the importance of promoting positivity with your people, keeping your team connected, all whilst still enjoying some fun and games. We have an evolving list of virtual team-building activities and experiences to bring to you and your people.  Our talented team delivers these experiences to groups of 6 - 1,000 people via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. And, rest assured, that no matter what your business or where you are in the world, we can come to you, all by the way of our virtual events. 

Whether you are after activities to inspire, elevate or motivate we have something for everyone. Events like; Virtual Murder Mystery, Cocktail Making Class, Workout with a Sports Star, and Gameshows, we can get minds racing, bodies moving and tastebuds firing!

We even have some more philanthropic-focused experiences which allow the team to not only feel good together but also give back to the global community.

Staying connected and keeping spirits high has never been more important. We want to be a part of that and are here to make it not only possible but a priority.  Contact Team Days and allow us to bring the joy to your Team’s day.

Our Online Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

The Big Game
The Big Game

This is where we throw it all together in one epic online experience. You want Trivia, you got it. You want Lip Sync battles you got it. You want Pictionary…. Ok well, you get the picture (get it!?).

We tailor and create The Big Game based around you and your team. We know that keeping that real connection is hard when we are apart. So bringing these personalised experiences to you and allowing your team some fun time together is important. We’ll have a Super Host join you to not only MC the event, but spin the decks and keep that score in check as participants get to vote to determine the final winner! We leave your team with some great memories to share, some positivity in their day, and a boost in motivation and engagement.

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virtual team family fued

In the days before the internet and endless streaming services, there were few things one could do when enjoying a cheeky day off from work or school. Enter day-time game shows. The pinnacle of the 90's and early 2000's afternoon entertainment.

Survey says... this is the virtual experience for your team!

Who didn’t love the theatrics, the jingles, and the Hosts of old-school game shows?!  Get ready as we are bringing it back and this time you are going to be right in the thick of it as contestants. Whether you want to try your luck and go solo or it’s going to be a team effort, we have a game for you.

Join our fabulous hosts for a night of entertainment, prizes (albeit fake), and an all-round great time.

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trivia team days
Virtual Trivia

Longing for that moment when you can show off your knowledge of random facts? You’re in luck as it’s time to shine with our Virtual Trivia. Start thinking up those clever team names now as we host a fun-filled, action-packed night of quiz questions. Whether you’d like us to keep you guessing (literally) with a bunch of ‘general knowledge’ or you want to pick a theme (did someone say Disney?), we can tailor a night to suit you. We can go even further than that, and throw in some questions about your company or about your team to really test their attention and memory!

With an epic host/DJ, they will keep the tunes going, the witty comments flowing all whilst keeping a tally of your scores to crown Trivia King/Queen at the end.

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flags team days
Office Olympics

On your marks, get set, GO! We’ve all seen them, we’ve all given our commentary from the comfort of our couch, maybe you’ve even pictured yourself on the podium. Well, start warming up because you’re getting the call up to represent yourself in our Office Olympics. A mini-marathon of events this 60-120 minute experience will bring out everyone’s competitive streak.

As tradition has it, we start with an opening ceremony where teams will be formed and athletes will be chosen for their event. The events range from Mouthy Marathons, Lip Sync Battles to even Water Warfare, there will be an event for everyone to participate and try and claim their moment of glory. To conclude the events, we hold a closing ceremony in which athletes will be recognised and our winning team will step upon the (virtual) podium. There’s nothing like some healthy competition for team bonding, and we love bringing everyone together as the Olympics always does.


dancing queen
Drag Bingo or Trivia

Yass Queen, grab your lipstick and get your lashes on! No wait, sorry that’s the notes for our hosts…. Get ready as our fabulous Queens throw some glitter on your standard trivia or bingo. Take your pick from either game, and you’ll be sure to be in for a night full of fun. You’ll be provided everything you need to participate in your game, and the Queens will lead the way through the night. Be ready for some sass, some sequins, and a little bit of cheek, in a fun-filled night to remember.

Not only will the winner be crowned Queen of the Night at the end, but you’ll all get to enjoy a drag show to top the night off. P.S bonus points to those who strut their stuff and join them (via their own living room).

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filter brewer v2
Virtual Coffee Tasting

Missing those morning chats with your barista or those afternoon walk and talk coffee runs with your colleague? We are bringing the beans to you in our virtual coffee tasting experience. We’ll get you all the equipment you need and some tasty coffee, so you’ll be ready to brew those beans.

During the session, our barista will teach you all about the beans and the blends and we’ll walk you through 2 brewing techniques for you to try. With the smell of the coffee wafting through your kitchen, we will talk you through the flavour profiles and tasting notes all whilst sipping on your homemade brew. At the end, you’ll have a chance to roast our barista with any questions you may have.

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cocktail being made
Cocktail Making Class

Virtual happy hours with the team are getting a bit old, but we know how important having that down time with the team to have a bevvy and some banter can be. Well, why not shake things up with our cocktail-making class!

With expert knowledge from one of our mixologists, you will learn to create mouth-watering cocktails. You’ll get some tips and tricks, but the great thing is we want you to bring us some creativity, colour and concoct your own masterpiece of a cocktail. Oh, and P.S you can absolutely be taste testing as you go - cheers!

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virtual amazing race team days
Virtual Amazing Race

Get your team up out of their chairs and out behind their desks as we bring the excitement of the Amazing Race straight to your phones. Now whilst you may not be jet-setting from Africa to Asia in the space of 24 hours, we will ensure your teams will be bonding like never before!

Teams will be challenged to follow cryptic clues to explore their surroundings whether that is your home, your office, or your city! Our clue-masters conjure up the puzzles to suit wherever you may be in the world.

Creativity will be tested when teams solve tasks by means of capturing photos and videos. This could include, re-enacting iconic movie scenes or recreating video games. Let’s face it, a few of us may have already done this growing up (surely I wasn’t the only one), so now is your time to shine and win your teams some points! All creative challenges are presented to the group at the end for voting, so remember that when concepting your ideas! Of course, it wouldn’t be an Amazing Race without a winner, and they will be presented with our prized virtual trophy.


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Murder mystery deep sth
Virtual Murder Mystery

Swap those Netflix Serial Killer docos for our immersive murder mystery experience.

In the ultimate care of who done it, we take you to River Crossing Book Club in Deep South Carolina. In teams, each person will play their part and use their unique skills to crack the codes, decipher the clues and identify the weapon, the motive, and the killer. You’ll need to call on problem-solving skills, lateral thinking, logical reasoning, and just a touch of imagination as your teams submit your answers in a group debriefing session to discuss your findings.

Think your team has the kind of outside-the-box, problem-solving skills to solve the mystery? Put them to the test with our Virtual Murder Mystery Experience.

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Virtual casino night
Virtual Casino Night

It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand. A great quote to remember when the team is going through challenging times, and especially important to remember at our Virtual Casino Night!

Choose from Casino favourites such as Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold Em’ Poker, Craps, and more. With games known across the world, this is a great way to go ‘all-in’ and bring international teams together of any size.

With our highly experienced croupier, you’ll be well looked after throughout the evening’s games. And, should there be Blackjack beginners, the instructional tutorials will teach you all you need to know.

Double Down on your next team activity, we’ve got the chips and cards at the ready you just need to bring your poker face.

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team days painting mess
Virtual Paint and Sip

Whether you’re Picasso with a paint brush or emojis are as creative as you get, I think it’s fair to say we all like playing with a bit of paint.

This virtual session is super chill (there’s no judgement here), as we guide you through creating your very own masterpiece! With a wine in one hand paint brush in the other, these sessions are designed to foster creativity and develop lateral thinking. The best part is, they are fun-filled and a great chance to bond over any hidden talents or lack there of.

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escape toom scene
Virtual Escape Room

Whilst we’ve lived, or are living in a real-life escape room during lockdowns, we thought we might as well take that to the extreme and make a game of it.

Our virtual Escape Rooms focus on collaboration, communication, and teamwork making them a great way to reignite that team bond. You’ll work your way through a series of scenarios with various puzzles, challenges, and mazes in order to make your way ‘out’. This works best in teams, as they say, 2 heads are better than 1, and trust us you’ll need a few brains to get out of this one!

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Mimi Pasta Web 1035 copy
Virtual Cooking Class

If you’ve grown up with Masterchef on the television, have flicked the pages of an Oliver “15 minutes or less’ or quite fancy yourself as a wiz on the pots and pans, you and this team activity goes together like Bangers and Mash. Pick a style or part of the World from which to learn and we’ll put an expert Chef into your hook-up to guide you through the steps to make the perfect meal.

Our Chef is a professional food educator and TV presenter with years of experience across many cuisines. You will be guided on a culinary journey and produce a 3-course meal from start to finish. The best part is enjoying the meal at the end and grilling your Chef for stories from the Kitchen...

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bogan bingo team days
Bogan Bingo

It’s safe to say this isn’t your Grandma’s Bingo. Whilst there’s a few features of the original game, we like to mix it up and throw in games like “Best Air Guitar” and “Best Dressed Bogan”, with bonus points for any real mullets!

We’ll Turn Back Time with the numbers corresponding to bangers from the 80’s and 90’s. You’ll play along from home with our app, all whilst being on a group video call with your team, so you’ll be able to Dance with Somebody and Bust a Move all while enjoying a bit of Bingo.

We are ready for you to Hit Me With Your Best Shot and book in Bogan Bingo for your team to let their hair down and have a great time together.

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TD cooking
Cook with a Master Chef

From Manu to Masterchef, we’ve been immersed in to the hotpot of international cuisines and home cooking. You can stop drooling over the food on your screen as we bring you an expert chef to take you through making these delicious dishes for yourself. Our chef brings you a wealth of experience as both a food educator and as a TV presenter, so no knead to worry!

As head chef, you choose the cooking style or the cuisine you would like to learn and our chef will deliver the step-by-step instructions on creating 3 mouth watering dishes. To finish you will all sit down to enjoy your dishes together, so take some time to turn the heat up on our chef and grill them with all your questions.

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swimmer team days
Stories from a Sports Star

We know that motivation can be down for the count at the moment, so we have brought in the big guns for you and your team.

We have over 1600 professional athletes, coaches, and business leaders to choose from, and tailored sessions with topics hand-picked by you. Whether it be keynote speeches, personal stories about grit and determination, or strategic advice about pushing through adversity, these stars have done the hard yards and aren’t afraid to share it. Your team will get the chance for a no holds barred Q&A at the end of the session which is sure to inspire and elevate motivation.

Rest assured these Sports Stars will slam dunk their objectives and leave your team able to hit it out of the park.

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surfer team days
Long Lunch with a Legend

Take a leaf out of the Europeans book and enjoy a long lunch - you deserve it! Bringing the team together virtually, not just for the weekly meetings, is important as it gives you a chance to reconnect and a leisurely lunch is the perfect way to do that. Speaking of perfect, we might just have the perfect lunch guest, introducing our sporting legend. Bringing you amazing anecdotes and inspiring stories, this sports legend will bring a lot to the table.

Want to go the extra mile? We can help provide credits for Uber Eats, or a delivery partner of your choice, for the team to order in their lunch. Supporting local business, and no messy kitchen clean-up, that’s a win win!

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team at winery
Wine Tasting 

Travel the wine regions of the world, all within the comfort of your own home. No jet lag, no airport lines, just delicious wine delivered to your door.

Choose your wine region and leave the rest to us, as we prepare to transport you to Bordeaux or the Barossa.  Each attendee will receive a pack of wine to swirl, sniff and sip their way through as our Sommelier takes you on a journey through the vineyards.

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aperitivo hour team days
Aperitivo Hour

The art of the Apertivo, a pre-meal drink to whet the appetite. Sounds good? Sounds even better when you add in a little pre-dinner snack too!

Mix up your Friday night drinks and join our host and mixologist for Virtual Aperitivo Hour. They are here to guide you through making two tasty cocktails, the classic Aperol Spritz, and Negroni. Let’s not stop there, let’s serve those cocktails up with some gorgeous homemade bruschetta.

Now that sounds like a happy hour to me!

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workout team days v2
Workout with a Sports Star

Let’s face it during these times we could all use a bit of extra motivation to get moving right? Well, who better to kick you into gear than a Sports Star! We have wrangled up a huge number of sports professionals to choose from and to suit all fitness types. You’ll be guided through the online session by our star and given all the information to continue your fitness journey if you enjoyed this kind of training.

Not only will you get trained by one of the best, but they will kick back afterward whilst you cool down for a chat and your chance to grill them with any questions you may have. Don’t let them off easy, I’m sure they didn’t go easy on you during the workout!

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magic team days
Virtual Magic Show

Who remembers the masked magician, and learning all those inside secrets used by magicians?

Well, whilst you may not have been able to recreate those extravagant illusions at home, we are here to give you some magic tricks you can do!  With the help of our very own Criss Angel, aka The Expert on all Things Magic, you will be taught the art of magic (well at least the beginning)!

Coming to you live on a virtual computer screen near you, our expert is here to teach you insider tips and tricks of the trade, using everyday household objects. Be ready to learn a new party trick and have a great new answer to the question ‘What’s a random talent you have?’, and impress your friends and family.

Sometimes all you need is a little magic!

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team building fitness
Fitness with Friends

What’s better to raise spirits than raising the heart rate? Doing it as a team!

Get out that activewear and grab your drink bottle, we are here to bring virtual fitness classes to your place. Whether you’re up for a sweat session or a stretch session we have trainers and classes to suit your fitness level. You don’t need any fancy equipment or any previous experience, just a can-do attitude and our trainers will show you the way!

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running team days
Motivational Speaker

You know you need to be the motivator and keep your team engaged, but at times it may seem like you’re repeating the same information and just going through the motions right? How about this time, you handball this to us, and we can do the motivating for you.

We have some incredible, inspirational speakers who can bring that spark and energy to the room and to your team when they need it most. From personal stories to life lessons and advice, our speakers know what resonates with people and how to deliver a message of motivation. Your team will also get the chance to get advice on specific challenges they may face in a full Q&A session at the end.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh face and a new voice and perspective to invigorate and bring that spark back to your team. Talk to us today about booking a virtual motivational speaker to chat to your team for your next online event.

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business leader team days
Coach to Coach

Hands up who is a fan of professional development books? Well, we are here to bring those books to life and take that to the next level by providing virtual coaching. Tailor your topics and pick from a number of experts and coaches including successful C-Suite corporates to professional sporting legends. Take the opportunity to personalise your professional development, receive 1:1 advice and grow and develop your leadership expertise.

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shooting a video

Let me set the scene, It’s you, your iPhone, and your imagination. You have 24 hours to show us what you got and direct, produce and film a 2-minute short film. There are no more rules than that, get your creativity flowing and cameras rolling as Team Days expert panel of virtual judges will select our top 10 favourite films. You will then be invited to the virtual premiere screening of this mini-film fest where you can see the masterpieces come to life.

healthy food team days
Health and Wellness 

Re-energise, re-align or just relax. Take a moment to put the focus back on your team as individuals.

The health and wellbeing of your body and mind is always important, so dedicate some time with our holistic experts and strengthen that. With programs suitable for groups of all sizes, we have services including, guided meditation, yoga or pilates, and nutrition coaching.

Our experts will host live virtual and interactive sessions tailored to your team's goals to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

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Virtual Christmas Party

Wanting to bring the team together at Christmas, but you’re all still apart? Have no fear, Team Days are here to bring the Christmas cheer. We offer tailored virtual parties for all teams, from small business to the larger corporates and even the local sporting club.

We know how important letting your hair down and creating memories together are, so we focus on creating extraordinary celebrations and legendary virtual parties. We have dozens of experiences to choose from, so contact our team today to start planning your party.

If you’re going old school and hosting an in-person function, we can help with that too! Mix up those run-of-the-mill parties and choose from dozens of activities for you and your team to enjoy!

Gifts and Hampers

Thanks to Gourmet Basket, we can organise delicious award-winning gift hampers directly to the door of any or all of your team members. They are a great prize for virtual events winners, or even to celebrate someone’s birthday or promotion when we can’t all get together over lunch. With 100’s of options to choose from, take your next virtual event to the next level and visit to order.


More Activities Coming Soon

paper plane team days v2
Paper Plane Workshop

Coming soon...

a virtual team day
Virtual Amazing Race

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haka team days

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kids team days
Enlighten Children 

Coming soon...

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Sheppy Grebosz

“The Big Game was not only a great virtual event had by our team, but also a fantastic team-building exercise for our team. Being remote and not having met everybody in person, it was a fantastic opportunity to have some fun together. DJ BrieJ was the best!”

Great fun!

M. Finn

“Great fun! Easy instructions to follow, and worked well virtually. Our team are looking forward to the next one.”

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